Amur Leopard Population Doubles | Care2 Healthy Living

February 24, 2015 10:38 PM

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Amur Leopard Population Doubles | Care2 Healthy Living

My 10-year-old daughter did a school report on Amur leopards a few years ago and ever since then, this stunningly gorgeous cat has been her favorite animal. But with her love and admiration for this big cat, she is well aware that its future is anything but certain. So much so, that this year rather than have a regular birthday party with cake and presents, she wants to have an animal print fashion show fundraiser for her favorite feline.

Thus, she will be tickled pink when she gets home from school today, and I inform her that the World Wildlife Fund just announced that in the past seven years, the Amur leopard population has doubled. New census data of Amur leopards in Russia’s Land of the Leopard National Park now count at least 5...

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