Amerigo Gazaway: For Love of Hip Hop

July 17, 2014 3:11 PM

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Amerigo Gazaway: For Love of Hip Hop

Music has a funny way of imprinting a time period in the listener's head. And maybe that's why we like it. As a work of both art and performance, listening to music becomes more than a passive experience. The audience participates in different, and now evolving ways. Technology has drastically changed the way we enjoy and consume the music we love, as well as changed the way it's produced. This evolution has come at a cost, however, and there are various schools of thought as to who is on the side of good or not. In 1979, The Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight", incorporated nearly note for note, Chic's "Good Times", and went on to become an international hit. It was a defining moment in what would come to be known as hip hop. It wasn't however, a new phenomenon.

DJs of those days would play popular records, often-times, the extended 12" mixes, accompanied by an MC, (then also known as "master of ceremony") who would rhyme along to the music with prearranged lines and call-and-response chants. This was a building block of the culture from the days of basemen...

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