American Sniper Sanitizes Colossally Boneheaded Iraq War

January 23, 2015 9:18 PM

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Clint Eastwood doesn't make bad movies, though he rarely makes exceptional ones. However, his American Sniper is not just a movie. It's a phenomenon, grossing $105 million in its opening weekend -- greater than the total take of most Oscar-nominated films this year -- and earning six Oscar nominations to boot. In an era when franchise-happy Hollywood studios seem most interested in catering to game boys and comic book freaks, Sniper is a film event that is bringing a rare cross-section of the American public out of the Netflix shadows and into the Cineplex.

In the packed AMC Century City 15 in which Mariana Correch and I viewed the movie Wednesday night, there were only a few empty seats. Moreover, as the silent credits rolled, I checked out who was waiting until the end. In L.A., those who stay through the credits are usually industry wannabes looking...

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