American Sniper: A controversial film for a controversial war.

January 29, 2015 4:31 PM

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Note to Seth Rogen and Michael Moore: while I am a big fan of both of you, I must woefully disagree with you guys in regards to your negative tweets allegedly pointed at the film “American Sniper.” Having seen it myself, I do not view it as a piece of political propaganda. To me, it is a thoroughly humanistic examination of a real-life war hero tortured by his undying love for his country. If anything, it offers a sobering message to the group of politicians that were intoxicated by a need to fight the so-called “Axis of Evil” being pressed forth in front of our nation. While the film does not exactly stray away from the conservative politics behind the War on Terror, it only parlays the views of red-state America simply because it intends to depict the protagonist’s hubristically patriotic true story with utmost honesty.

I understand where the criticism is coming from. Chris Kyle—the Navy SEAL sniper notarized for 160 confirmed kills—was a proud country boy who even had an ally in former governor of Alaska and polarizing GOP figure Sarah Palin. He was someone who publicly referred to the Iraqis as “savages” and was ...

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