'American Sniper' Attracts the Fly By Night Patriot

February 3, 2015 11:04 PM

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'American Sniper' Attracts the Fly By Night Patriot

American Sniper creates an interesting dialogue on human emotions, vitriol and arrogance when it comes to the people willing to express their opinion on the subject of war. Extolling war seems to have a deeply ingrained emotional value in the American psyche causing people to either highly praise it or highly denigrate it. The character portrayal in war movies is a facet of the experience but not the experience people are hoping to find when they watch these movies. The movies are there for excitement, intrigue and storytelling and that is being eclipsed by human political emotions in the story of Chris Kyle. This eclipsing of storytelling is being expressed by the Fly By Night Patriot and the Twitter Coward.

There is a bubble of sentiments that can be expressed in the norm of discussion, and then there are the extreme polarities causing a denigration of the film -- those that are dialogues of overly zealous ramble bots and the "coward-sphere" as witnessed by the Twitter word-salad of Michael Moore. Thes...

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