American Idol Season 15 Recap: Kelly Clarkson & The Top 10!

February 26, 2016 2:52 PM

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American Idol Season 15 Recap: Kelly Clarkson & The Top 10!

It may just have been for one night only, but magic has been restored to the Idol-dome mere weeks before it’ll sputter out its final high note and die. A radiant Kelly Clarkson, “all knocked up and nostalgic,” returned Thursday to guest-judge the Season 15 hopefuls and absolutely shatter the audience with her new single, “Piece By Piece.” The Season 1 winner’s constant pregnancy asides, random encouraging outbursts, and overall candor made AmericanIdol feel like a living, breathing thing again – and as one-time guest judge Posh Spice would say, “it was beautiful, just beautiful.” Kelly was a throwback in every way, standing up for real, undeniable talent while providing constructive criticism for the disposable teen try-hards.

Plus, after the best performance of the season by miles and miles, she practically handed off her crown to this season’s undeniable MVP: 22-year-old Mississippi call rep La Porsha Renae. “If you don’t win, I don’t understand,” Kelly challenged voters and producers alike to do the right thing. “I lov...

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