American Horror Story's Unfulfilling Smorgasbord of Gore

January 30, 2015 10:06 PM

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This year's American Horror Story gave us a serial killer clown, a serial killer "song and dance man," two pinheads, a tattooed seal, a bearded lady, a three-breasted woman, a double amputee, a lobster-clawed bad-boy, a psychotic magician and his malicious dummy, a two-headed twin, a lizard lady, the smallest woman in the world, the tallest woman in the world, past and present and future decades, snuff flicks, a kid who eats chicken heads for fun, a man with a 13-inch dick -- about the only thing that wasn't actually exposed on the show -- S&M, tar and feathering, and mass murders that included the cutting off of limbs, slit throats, drowning, beheadings, shooting rampages, sawing a body in half, and buckets of blood And this was before the fat lady didn't sing. Kind of a surprise as many of the leads did.

Subtitled, appropriately, Freakshow, creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk threw in almost every horror staple except the evil kitchen sink; they came close with a Tupperware Party massacre. But they did leave out one essential ingredient necessary for horror: Terror. For every sawed off limb or bul...

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