American Horror Story recap: 'Pink Cupcakes'

November 6, 2014 6:11 AM

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Did you know that Jack the Ripper was a Windsor? Well, he was, and he probably just wanted to be a dancer and express himself, too. I myself, am no Windsor, nor am I affluent enough to have anyone even close to warranting their own Criminal Minds episode within my family tree; I am, however, filling in for your regular recapper, Darren, on the night that Ryan Murphy decided to roll out the enlarged clitoris plotline, and the murder of Matt Bomer (why must the best guests always leave us?), so it’s quite possible that there’s at least something a little psychotic rolling around in here, anyway.

Last week we got a grim look into some of our favorite characters' pasts, and this week we peeked into their even grimmer future. Or, maybe we didn’t—never trust a flash forward and never trust a man with a mustache, pink cupcakes, and a syringe full of poison.

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