American Horror Story recap: 'Bullseye'

November 13, 2014 5:46 AM

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American Horror Story recap: 'Bullseye'

Don't cry for Elsa, my little dahlings. She's got such big plans, has Ms. Mars. She's setting off for a new life, a new adventure. Television is her new mistress. She's preparing to leave her flock of monsters behind, for a while. But first comes birthday week. And before birthday weeks comes a tall, dark stranger into her bedroom. Well, "tall," "dark." Turns out that it's handsome-eyed Paul sharing her bed. The other freaks don't suspect anything: "They think I'm putting a mint on your pillow," he explains. (Someone please add "Putting a mint on your pillow" to UrbanDictionary, please!)

Elsa tells Paul that their dalliance isn't anything serious. But she promises him a new life in the glamour of TV land. "When I have a normal suitor, I could pretend that you are my chauffeur," she says. "Which, of course, you would be." Our Paul has other plans, though. Remember way back in the pre...

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