Amanda Filipacchi On The Unfortunate Importance Of Beauty

February 6, 2015 2:19 PM

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Amanda Filipacchi On The Unfortunate Importance Of Beauty

Novelist Amanda Filipacchi comes from a beautiful family. Her mother was a Ford model, and she describes the other members of her family -- the non-models -- as “gorgeous.” Perhaps, she suggested in a recent phone conversation with HuffPost Books, that’s why she’s so interested in the concept of beauty and the sway it holds in our society. Despite her early association with so much beauty, she says, “I’ve been disappointed in my life noticing how important beauty is in relationships in finding love. It puzzles me, I don’t quite understand it.”

Filipacchi’s new novel, The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty, makes that interest just as explicit as the title. The author, whose previous novels, Nude Men, Vapor and Love Creeps, earned her a reputation as a gifted comic surrealist, has long shown an interest in the dynamics of desire. In Love Cre...

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