I am the Jackie Robinson of Hip Hop Graphic Design!

November 10, 2014 6:33 PM

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I had just gotten off work and walked across the Kitsap Mall to Sam Goody to look for this album. I heard that it had just got out and I wanted to be the first of my friends to have it. I walked in with money in hand and asked the sales person, "Ya'll got the new Eric B. and Rakim "Paid in Full" out yet?" The sales person didn't say a word and just led me down to the small section of "Rap" they had in the store. There it was. Eric B. (the DJ) holding a stack of money, his gold rings lined out perfectly, His gold chain and Kangol was definitely a sign of the fashion during that time. Standing next to him is Rakim (arguably the best emcee of all time) also holding up a stack of cash, admonished in gold - from the rings, to the bracelets, to the gold on a rope around his neck. Both of them were dressed up in their Gucci. Their status was not to be questioned.

I paid for the CD and gave my head nod to folks on my way out of the mall.

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