How I Almost Chickened Out of Chicken Pox

December 19, 2014 5:25 PM

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There was no such thing as a varicella vaccine when I was growing up. Getting the chicken pox was a fact of life, a rite of passage for everyone. Except for me. Whereas other parents would purposefully expose their children to a friend's kid with chicken pox, my mother ran the other way. She thought she was protecting me, but in reality she left me with no immunity to a childhood illness that is much more dangerous if you contract it as an adult.

While I was volunteering at a Ronald McDonald House about 20 years ago, they suffered a chicken pox outbreak and would not allow volunteers in unless they were immune. On the off chance I had experienced either a mild, undetectable case as a child or an unfortunate case of amnesia, I was tested. Ala...

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