Allow Yourself to Feel Pain

November 11, 2014 4:33 PM

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I've been called "a force of nature." I do not cry often, at least not in public. When I do it is more out of self-pity than true genuine sadness. When bad things happen to me, I smile and move on -- until I get home. Then I process every single little thing that happened. Every word. Every action. Every mistake. Every feeling I may or may not have had. This could take hours, weeks, months or years depending on how much it impacted me. And all of this time you'd never know that my brain was processing all this information for so long until eventually I tell you -- and that is if I even bother to tell you at all.

The truth is no one makes out of his or her life unscathed by some wrong or hurt. To the degree that it matters to some more than others, it could have a lasting impact on how we live our lives. I think a healthy amount of introspection is good and when I do write about lessons I have learned in my ...

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