Allison Jones, Nerd Hunter

April 3, 2015 8:22 PM

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The first scene of “Other Space,” a new sci-fi sitcom by Paul Feig, which streams on Yahoo on April 14th, begins with one of the show’s central characters, a hapless spaceship captain named Stewart Lipinski, navigating the ship through an asteroid shower while eating a hot dog. On a Saturday last August, however, on the first day of casting, the script was in flux and the hot dog was still written as a banana. Allison Jones, the casting director, was reading the scene with actors trying out for the Stewart role, who faced a decision: audition with a real banana, or just pretend to eat one?

Jones works out of a bungalow in the quaint Larchmont neighborhood of Los Angeles. The rooms of the house are airy and filled with mementos of her thirty-year-long career in Hollywood: bobble-heads of characters from “The Office,” which Jones cast; a bulletin board collaged with head shots. In the w...

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