Alien Exoplanet Twice the Size of Earth Viewed By Nordic Optical Telescope

December 17, 2014 2:51 PM

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Ground based telescopes suffer from a disadvantage and this is the interference caused due to the vagaries of atmosphere. Hence space telescopes give a better and more detailed picture of the cosmos. However for the first time scientists have been able to study a new exo-planet which is twice the size of Earth using ground based telescope. The new planet has been named 55 Cancri e. The planet was seen as it passed across a star which was much akin to our own star the Sun. It is for the first time that astronomers have been able to study and identify a planet with a ground based telescope.

The ‘Super Earth’ as it was christened was first seen in 2004 by a space based telescope and scientists had calculated the diameter of the planet which was 16,000 miles making it twice the size of Earth and also eight times as massive. This placed the planet in a category of planets which is much bi...

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