Alexandra Park May Be “the Blake Lively” of The Royals

March 16, 2015 6:16 AM

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Our first glimpse of Princess Eleanor in E!’s new scripted series, The Royals—premiering this Sunday night—is of the princess stumbling through a nightclub, taking shots, eventually toppling off a table. This is to say, the character was not exactly based on Kate Middleton. The actress who plays Eleanor, Alexandra Park—likely to be the breakout from the show—says she didn't use any modern-day royals as inspiration in approaching her character. “[Eleanor is] so complicated,” she tells me. “There’s so many masks. She’s in that stage of self-discovery and transition. . . . If anything, in terms of being a princess, I sort of decided to go the complete opposite way to what you might be expecting a princess to be.”

This is Park’s first major acting role stateside, having only a few credits in her native Australia to her name. She makes jokes about how rarely she leaves her apartment in Los Angeles (she’s lived there for the past 18 months); she’s trying to get the hang of Twitter (“I have three followers on Tw...

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