Alan Guth share $1 million Kavli award in Astrophysics

May 31, 2014 11:30 AM

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The Victor F. Weisskopf Professor, Alan Guth, who teaches Physics at MIT, was honored the Kavli award in Astrophysics, was declared yesterday by Kavli Foundations in Oslo, connected by a satellite to a meeting in New York, at the World Science Festival. Alan Guth, will share $1 million award with Alexei Starobinsky and Andrei Linde of Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics in the Russia and Stanford University, respectively. Together, they’re quoted by Kavli Foundation “for ground-breaking the supposition of cosmic price rises.” Alan Guth projected the theory in 1980 about the cosmic inflation, the same year Alan Guth tied up with the MIT staff.

This theory elaborates a period of tremendously rapid exponential growth within the first insignificant part of a second of the space’s survival. At the ending of inflation, about forteen billion years ago, the space was in an enormously hot, small, and dense state, at the starting of the more relax...

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