Al Pacino Reins Himself In for ‘Danny Collins’

March 13, 2015 12:53 AM

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Al Pacino Reins Himself In for ‘Danny Collins’

Ask Al Pacino if the parodic image of him as an over-the-top, “Hoo-hah” yelling actor bothers him or seems unfair, and he gives a gentle laugh. “No, it sort of happens that actors go through periods,” he says. He recalls watching a movie of his, which he refuses to name. “I thought, ‘Gee, I went a little far here,’ ” he says. Then he realized that an earlier scene of the character using cocaine had been edited out. “Not to make an excuse, [but] sometimes if things don’t feel motivated, the reaction is going to be, ‘Why is he doing that?’ ” He adds a resigned, “I don’t have control of that.”

It may be easier these days for viewers to shrug off the scenery-chewing image, too. In recent years Mr. Pacino has been showing up in smaller films that have gained the kind of praise he used to get in his early, “Godfather” years. His toned-down performances in the recent drama “The Humbling,” in ...

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