After Vipassana, Heartfulness Meditation

November 10, 2014 11:45 PM

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Vipassana takes us to the door and heartfulness meditation leads us to the treasure inside. Let me explain. Vipassana meditation is a great gift. We learn to concentrate. We learn not to follow the seemingly endless distractions our mind can create. They are not leading us to where we want to go! Finally Vipassana meditation teaches us thinking and awareness are not the same thing. We can know awareness separate from thinking. We can know simple awareness. This is the door where Vipassana brings us.

Heartfulness is what we find inside the doorway. Once we discover awareness separate from our thoughts, once we enjoy just being, there is the great world of heartfulness or heart essence waiting for us. As our awareness passes through the doorway, leaving our mind and entering our heart, there is s...

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