After Throwing Out His Back At 22, Robbie Siron Lost 155 Pounds

August 11, 2014 12:34 PM

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After Throwing Out His Back At 22, Robbie Siron Lost 155 Pounds

How I Gained It: It started when I was 9. Before that, I was thin and active in youth baseball, soccer and martial arts, but at 9 I was diagnosed with asthma. From then on, I seemed to be in the hospital every other week in an oxygen tent or going through a nebulizer treatment. It seemed that my active life was over, and I switched to video games and indoor activities. I quickly began gaining weight. My family life revolved around food. We talked about what was for dinner during lunch, and all events were food-focused. As I got bigger, I got more and more depressed. It became a vicious cycle. I used food to make myself feel better, but I felt worse when I ate, and then I would eat again to feel good again. Food was my drug, and I was a hardcore addict. With the freedom of college (and turning 21) came the alcohol and the ability to make my own choices for food. If you looked at my bank statement, fast food restaurants showed up daily, and beer pong was a nightly activity. I always figured that since I was 6'3" I could weigh more and not really think anything of it.

Breaking Point: The moment that I realized that I was doing serious damage to my body came on suddenly. I was leaving a class and as I stood up, something pulled in my back and I was unable to walk. I sat back down. The pain was so intense, tears were in my eyes and breathing was hard. I had to call...

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