Advanced Warfare' Is Crossing The Street

November 4, 2014 8:14 PM

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1. "The Last of Us" Naughty Dog / Sony PS3 Games have long aspired to be respected as art, or at least as much as cinema, but their biggest hurdle has always been narrative. Well, that achievement has been unlocked with this unexpected epic from the folks behind the fun but far less-ambitious "Uncharted" games. "TLOS" takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where humanity has essentially been turned into zombies (they're actually infected by a mutated fungus) with most of the survivors turning out to be even worse. As a father who lost his daughter in the chaos and became a gun-runner, you must regain your own humanity by helping escort a young girl across a ravaged America to a resistance group that may be able to use her to create a vaccine. While there's plenty of combat on hand, it's the sharp writing, impressive acting (both voice and motion-capture), organic art direction and bleak storytelling that set this game above its peers and earned its ream of near-perfect reviews.

2. "GTA V" Rockstar North / Rockstar Games PS3, Xbox 360 Rockstar has been making "Grand Theft Auto" games for forever now, and yet they still manage to surprise us with their quality. Once again, you play a criminal in a sprawling storyline that will take you from one end of a seemingly living, bre...

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