When Adults Behave Worse Than Children

April 15, 2015 8:41 PM

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As my 9-year-old son was being interviewed by ABC World News Tonight, I waited nervously outside in the hallway. Their story was about food allergies, and the interviewer was asking him to recount the scariest moment of his life. I assumed he would recount one of the few times that he has gone into anaphylaxis, when his vomiting would not stop and he felt his own throat strangling him as if it was on fire. When I heard his answer, I nearly fell down. My son said the most frightening moment he has ever had was when an airline manager in Denver told us, "If you think he's going to die, don't get on the plane."

I remember that day all too well. A family seated near us in the boarding area was eating peanuts. They had overheard me caution my son not to go into the candy store where they were making peanut butter fudge, so they asked me if he was allergic to peanuts. I had replied affirmatively that he had a...

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