Adorable Pika Gathers Moss to Combat Climate Change

December 18, 2013 3:26 PM

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Climate change may be having a drastic impact on the rabbit-like pika. In fact, past researchers has shown that warming temperatures are driving these animals to higher elevations or wiping them out completely. Now, though, scientists have found that these creatures may have adapted at least in one area. It turns out that roly-poly pikas living in rockslides near sea level in Oregon survive hot weather by eating more moss than any other mammal.

Pikas are native to cold, alpine climates--often above 8,200 feet elevation. They can be found in North America, Asia and Eastern Europe. While a few species dig burrows, they usually live in rocky areas and crevices near meadows or in talus slopes. Instead of hibernating, these mammals collect and ...

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