Adam Sandler’s ‘Blended’ a sweet, silly mix

May 23, 2014 4:10 AM

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Adam Sandler’s ‘Blended’ a sweet, silly mix

Not quite as awful as expected, “Blended” is Adam Sandler’s version of “The Brady Bunch” with him as Mike Brady and Drew Barrymore, his previous co-star in “50 First Dates” and “The Wedding Singer,” as Carol Brady. The film still, however, has the worst title of 2014. “Blended”? Is it about Scotch?

Sandler is Jim Friedman, sports equipment salesman and widower father of three girls. The oldest is athletic Hilary (Keira Knightley look-alike Bella Thorne), nicknamed “Larry” by her father because people think the shy 15-year-old girl is a boy; tweener Espn (Emma Fuhrmann), named after Dad’s favor...

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