ABC is getting sued for showing a dying man in emergency without the families concern

January 4, 2015 3:09 PM

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ABC is getting sued for showing a man dying in emergency in one of their TV shows without the families concern. The person in question Mark Chanko was in a motor accident when he went out to get milk and bananas. Later he was taken to New York-Presbyterian hospital emergency where he died. ABC televised the incident in 2102 in their TV show NY Med, when Mr. Chanko`s voice and the doctor who was treating him was recognized by his wife, who was watching the show at that time. Though his face was blurred his wife had to watch the episode as her husband was in severe pain and was pronounced dead because of severe injury. Mrs. Chanko was able to hear the last words before he passed away. 83 years old Chanko was a Korean War veteran and had been married for 46 years. He was hit by a sanitation truck while crossing the road.

In an article Mrs. Chanko said, ‘[E]ven with the blurred picture, you could tell it was him. You could hear his speech pattern. I hear my husband say, ”Does my wife know I’m here?” As the doctors were pronouncing him dead the ABC showed the intimate moment where she was clutching his hand. According...

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