9 Ways We Can Improve Body Image for Men Too

April 23, 2015 12:23 PM

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9 Ways We Can Improve Body Image for Men Too

Yes, I did. It honestly shouldn't be so groundbreaking to consider that both genders of one human race encounter similar internal conflicts. I'm a women's writer, and one of the key issues I see within the field is that some feel separating the two genders is what leads to strength and progress, and that's false. Every time we create the notion of an "us" and a "them," our efforts for change become stagnate. Women feel as men do, and deserve the same rights. Similarly, men feel as women do, and also deserve the same rights.

One of those rights is the right to feel. Many men reading this will agree with my points, but refuse to share the article out of fear of emasculation. Some men may even comment with a sort of outrage, claiming no real man could possibly agree with me. That's fine, because we are all a product of th...

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