9 Ways to Survive (and Thrive) Through a Breakup | Jessica Biber

February 20, 2015 9:30 PM

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9 Ways to Survive (and Thrive) Through a Breakup | Jessica Biber

It's something that few people make it through life without experiencing, but the experience itself often feels barely survivable. I'm talking about: The Almighty Breakup. Personally, I've experienced this heart-shattering occurrence from 3,000 miles away while my beloved and I lived on opposite coasts, and I've also experienced it face-to-face where I've gasped for air through ugly cries at an Italian restaurant. It doesn't matter the distance, time of day, or circumstance; breakups screech one's heart to a stop until, like an awkward slow clap, it finds the strength to start beating again.

Regular mornings, I opt for a nonfat, low-cal latte. It's not what I really want, but it's health and slimming and... Breakups are not the time for that. Post-breakup mornings, I go for whatever on the menu my heart desires. A chai tea latte doesn't seem like much, but it's a little gesture of gener...

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