9 Things You Really Never Knew About 'Dick'

August 27, 2014 5:11 PM

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9 Things You Really Never Knew About 'Dick'

A little revisionist history does the soul good. Sometimes, as with "Wicked," it fills in holes in an illustrious story. Other times, it's a coping mechanism for dark episodes, as if amending reality inverts our reverence and confirms that with time it's cathartic to think silly things about serious events. The 1999 film "Dick" fulfills the latter.

A rare high-school movie that revolves around national politics, "Dick" arrived on the heels of the mid- to late-'90s teen-film renaissance, from the same guy who gave us "The Craft." Planting two airheaded teenage girls (Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams) in the thick of the 1972 Watergate scanda...

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