9 People of Costco | Lisa R. Petty

August 11, 2014 9:49 PM

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9 People of Costco | Lisa R. Petty

I hate Walmart. Even just seeing the People of Walmart site makes me want to stick cat claws in my eyes and bathe in Benedryl cream. The place just smells of tornado flattened trailer parks and untreated STD's. So, when I need to save a buck or five, I go to Costco because it's a lot less nasty. Plus, they give free samples. With free food and a surprising lack of toothless grown-ups in pajamas, Costco is as close to heaven as I care to get right now. Seriously, if they had wine tastings, I would never leave. Costco has an amazing selection of food, clothes, appliances, furniture and just enough walking stereotypes to keep things interesting. Here are just a few examples of folks I saw on my last trip to Costco.

Hellishly Hung Over -- You've seen that one guy who obviously didn't get to sleep off his drunk from last night. He usually has a cart full of diapers, a case of imported beer, and huge Polish sausage from the snack bar. Sometimes, a woman wearing a baby papoose and a smirk is following him.

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