9 Entrepreneurship Lessons From the Mountains

August 20, 2014 5:45 PM

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9 Entrepreneurship Lessons From the Mountains

Set behind the Seattle skyline, standing elegantly at 14,411 feet, Mount Rainer can humble even the most experienced climbers. Several weeks ago, I set out with a group of friends for an unforgettable adventure on Mount Rainer. We hiked to Camp Muir, the main base camp at 10,080 feet, and skied down at night using only headlamps. (Don't try this at home). There's something meditative about skiing in near darkness. Sight is our most dominant sense. Without it we become incredibly in tune with our other senses. In the weeks since, I've reflected a lot on this adventure and have found the lessons from this experience to be extremely relevant to my life as an entrepreneur. Here are several key takeaways.

1. Preparation can mean life or death. Our journey started long before our boots hit the dirt with careful consideration of every foreseeable scenario. We wanted to have a plan for each. Don't just plan for the best case scenario, plan for everything that could go wrong too. The moment you're forced...

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