8 Ways to Sustain Your Inner Connection No Matter What's Happening Around You

February 5, 2015 8:23 PM

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Life is full of all kinds of noise. Consider how your whole body gets impacted by daily life. Right now, as you read this, is your body tight? Do you find yourself getting sidetracked and off-purpose? Are you caught up with worry about things that might happen or with concern about the past? When your attention goes to the noise your best intentions for yourself are undermined. The key is learning to sustain the connection with the source of guidance that lies within you.

Inner guidance requires focus and commitment. It is not just for use in times of crises. It is a way of living. It comes from a relationship that you actively develop over time. Eventually, you discover that you are able to rely on your inner wisdom and sensitivity for all the situations that life b...

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