8 Ways To Be Intentional In Your Parenting

January 20, 2015 11:41 PM

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Some people call parenting a job, but when I think about it, that doesn't seem like an accurate description of what this beautiful and messy thing really is. This is a relationship -- a relationship that takes thought, self sacrifice, love, compassion and intentionality. This is not a relationship you can be stagnant in and expect to go well. So don't be stagnant! Your child needs more out of you than that. Be intentional in your choices and in how you raise your child. Here are eight steps to get started.

1. Think about how you were raised. And no, I'm not talking about reflecting on the best points of your childhood, like that time your parents took you to Disneyland and got you that awesome Mickey hat. I'm talking about the day in, day out parenting that you received. Look at your childhood through...

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