8 Tips to Survive the Winter Blues | Diana Murphy

February 18, 2015 10:49 PM

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The winter blues are a real thing. Whether you recognize it or not the weather can have enormous impact on your mood. This winter laziness also known as, "seasonal affective disorder", or SAD, inflicts a behavioral moodiness to its prey. Once in the winter 'SAD' funk it can be hard to break free of its chains. However, it is not impossible to remain smiling through the cold days surrounding us. With a handful of below freezing days under our belts and undoubtedly more cold days to come surviving the winter blues are no easy feat.

Oversleeping can result in making you more tired. Resist the snooze button and get your day started early. In order to wake up and get moving, plug your alarm in across the room from your bed so you physically have to walk over to your alarm to turn it off as this will help resist the snoozing urge.

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