8 Tips to Help Boost Your Immune System

May 21, 2015 6:27 PM

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Being asthmatic, I spent a large portion of my life catching whatever sinus infection or flu was floating around. Why is it that I wouldn't miss the treasure of my good health until I had momentarily lost it? As soon as I was under the influence of my cold, flu, or whatever, I would yearn for normalcy like Juliet missing her Romeo. Through sniffles, fevers, coughs, and aches, a resolution to protect my health was born. I couldn't help but wonder why some friends never got sick, while others (like me) came down with everything under the sun. Why? And so it may come as no surprise that nurturing my good health and preventing sickness became a significant part of my life.

Could the overall health of your body have anything to do with your ability to fight off illness once you're infected? Having healthy habits and a healthy immune system are commodities that are becoming more and more necessary in this ever changing world. We have antibiotic-resistant bacteria render...

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