7 Ways to De-Stress and Embrace Your Days

September 17, 2014 9:14 PM

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Are your days filled with stress, dread and have-tos? Do you find yourself dreading your week, and it is only just beginning? It is very easy to fall into a comfortable routine full of stress and not realize it, especially if you are highly empathic person. Empaths are prone to anxiety and overstimulation due to their level of sensitivity. Using tools to help de-stress and decompress throughout your day, implementing them into your routine, and consistently following through will help you tremendously. It will reset you and rejuvenate you, making it easier to embrace your days and weeks. Here you will find seven ways you can change up your daily routine, release your stress, and embrace your day as it goes by.

Waking up each morning and shifting any dread will instantly create a positive ripple effect. Take a few minutes each morning before getting out of bed, if possible before opening your eyes, and mentally list what you have going on through that day. As you move through each item on your list, send p...

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