7 Timeless Bits Of Japanese Wisdom

August 27, 2014 2:19 PM

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7 Timeless Bits Of Japanese Wisdom

In Japan, people noticed from time immemorial that certain actions led to a good outcome, which made them repeat those actions to the point where they became customs. Japanese have a tendency to qualify certain things or actions as “good omens” and others as “bad omens.” In Japanese this tendency is called engi wo katsugu or gen wo katsugu, which in English translation would mean “believing in superstitions,” where the word engi in the first expression means a “sign of the fate of things,” or “harbinger.”

Here are 7 practices often performed by Japanese in order to bring about good luck, fortune and happiness. And since the number 7 is also considered “lucky” in the Japanese tradition, one may say that this number itself can be a lucky charm!

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