7 Self-Defeating Things We Say to Ourselves

April 21, 2015 12:31 PM

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7 Self-Defeating Things We Say to Ourselves

1. I missed the boat. Maybe it's pursuing a relationship or graduate degree, or having kids, or finding our calling. We look back longingly and regretfully at what-we-didn't-do, and consider the one-and-only boat sailed. And maybe that particular one has, but there are plenty of ports in the sea. The danger here is that we get stuck in regret and give away our power to pursue whatever it is we're longing for now. And, yes, maybe there's some grieving we have to do, but the real question is: where to, now?

2. I'm overly sensitive. If you are one of those deeply sensitive souls out there, I love you. Really, I do. It means that you're tender and human and able to empathize, deeply, with the experience of others. It's not your vulnerability or sensitivity that is a problem, it's being hijacked by those ...

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