7 More Movie Franchises Benedict Cumberbatch Should Join

October 28, 2014 6:10 PM

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Now that Benedict Cumberbatch is likely to lead Doctor Strange and thereby join the Avengers and Marvel Cinematic Universe, he’s on a roll as far as conquering all of Hollywood’s biggest franchises. Really, he’s only been in a few so far: The Hobbit, Star Trek and soon enough Madagascar. That’s it unless we hold on to the hope that War Horse can still spawn its own mega-series of various animal stories set during World War I. Cumberbatch had been rumored for Star Wars, and eventually he’s sure to be in at least one of the 20 or 50 they’re currently planning to produce. Like many fans, I’m also still waiting for a necessary Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover, but those aren’t movie franchises — yet.

Not since Hugo Weaving has there been such promise of a multi-franchise movie star such as this. And Cumberbatch is more of a leading man than Weaving and many of the others going through their career checking off film series (Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Lee, Jeremy Renner, etc.). Maybe there are...

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