7 Misconceptions Many People Have About Journaling

January 27, 2015 8:26 PM

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7 Misconceptions Many People Have About Journaling

1. Journaling is essentially narcissistic. In one of my journaling classes a young man told me that he'd stopped journaling after a few months because, he said, "I feel so narcissistic--you know, always writing about myself and my problems." I pointed out that narcissism actually refers to uncritical admiration of one's self or physical image, whereas journaling requires an honest appraisal of yourself, your efforts, and things as they are. Of course, it's fine to write about genuine accomplishments--indeed, that's one of the most productive aspects of journaling. But you also have to be willing to work through problems and events that you may find disturbing and reluctant to acknowledge.

2. It's better to write by hand than on a computer or mobile device. Not at all. A report on journaling (in the British newspaper The Telegraph) arguing that we learn more while writing by hand than on a computer is somewhat misleading. For one thing, the report follows one obscure study showing tha...

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