6 Ways to Know That You Love Yourself

July 28, 2014 12:23 PM

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6 Ways to Know That You Love Yourself

1. You work very hard in the professional life of your choice, to achieve the success you want. Career and Love are one of the two most important avenues we use to add fulfillment to our lives. In the case of you choosing your career, you are adding value to your life in the selfish sense, but there comes a point in your work that you begin to love it so much that you don't even focus your time or energy on the rewards that can potentially come out of it. You do it just because. And that my friend, is called being selfless. You're working hard. You have goals and aspirations that you value so wholeheartedly that you are not going to stop until you reach them even if you are comfortable with the idea that things might not end up as how you imagined them to be.

2. You know when to "treat" yourself. Even though you spend more time with yourself than anybody ever will, you know how to entertain yourself. You take yourself to go see the latest Ryan Gosling, or perhaps you enjoy painting or writing in your journal. Whatever that "quality" time may look like fo...

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