6 Truths About Motherhood

February 5, 2015 9:17 PM

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6 Truths About Motherhood

Even once your baby starts sleeping through the night, you'll still be tired. True, the brain-destroying exhaustion will (thankfully) leave you and you'll emerge from the newborn fog at some point during your baby's first year. But don't be fooled; the relentless feeling of being tired doesn't completely go away -- no matter how many nights of sleep you start getting. Personally, I think it's the demanding nature of motherhood that never lets up (no matter how old your kids get!). Right now, my day starts super early with an energized kid who yells, "Mommy, get up!" and peels back my eyelids before the sun comes up. It continues with toilet training, cajoling my daughter to eat her food, close monitoring on the playground and disciplining when she gets out of hand. Caffeine is your best friend from here on out.

Isn't it amazing how it's possible to never have a minute alone and yet to be heart-achingly lonely at the same time? There's something about being around a little creature demanding everything you can give all day long that makes you desperate for adult company. While it can be easier to stay indoo...

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