6 Things You Should Never Post About on Facebook

April 14, 2015 2:11 PM

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Sally Sue used to be on your friends list, but now she’s on your blacklist. You can’t stand her. She’s full of drama. She’s not a good friend. She’s absolutely awful. Your fingers are itching to write the nastiest, most epic diss of Sally on Facebook. But I wouldn't be so quick to press “post”. All those things may be true about Sally, but if you acknowledge her on the most readily available and public platform you have to express what is important to you, what does that say about you and the order of your priorities? What petty people do to annoy us is irrelevant. How we conduct ourselves is what really matters. Why spend time playing Sally’s dramatic games when you could be posting that really sweet thing your kid did today which made you smile? Or talk about a new project you are working on. Or post about how you are in the process of going back to school. Replace something negative you want to say about someone else with something positive you are doing in your own life. Most likely, you and Sally still share mutual friends and they might feel caught in the middle of your drama. Give your friend a call or work it out over coffee—or delete that person from your Facebook and your life.

Every single couple in the world has problems on some level or another, but the world doesn’t need to know your couple woes. My husband and I get into little spats from time to time, but just because we may not be seeing things eye to eye at that moment is not a green light to publicly humiliate him...

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