6 Steps to Mindfully Tune the Instrument of Self

July 11, 2014 5:20 PM

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6 Steps to Mindfully Tune the Instrument of Self

Mindfulness is an idea from Buddhism that's central to meditation, but it's also a way of life and a crucial tool in living each moment to its fullest. You establish a practice of meditation in order to develop the habit of mindfulness so that your awareness remains engaged when you leave the meditation cushion and go out into the world. Mindfulness allows you to act consciously instead of unconsciously. You are able to quickly and naturally become aware of what's really going on in any situation instead of being distracted by your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Too often, our lives become all about our distractions, and in quiet moments, the thought occurs to us that we're not living authentically, in alignment with our deepest desires. With mindfulness, we can begin to quiet what the Buddhists call the "monkey mind," the chattering self that, like an untr...

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