6 Powerful Things to Say (and Never Say) to Your Partner

November 19, 2014 9:42 PM

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From deep-seated sentiments pour forth powerful words. And nothing stirs the storm of emotions within us quite like love. Indeed, what we say under the influence of heavy feelings can be truly potent -- in an incredible or terrible way. We may scream things we don't mean, confess falsehoods we think to be true, or utter such devastating statements that we leave our partner in shock. They say the truth comes out in the heat of the moment, but does it really? Or are we just pushed to make certain declarations by overwhelming emotions?

Don't play on weaknesses. Isn't it ironic that the person we love most is the one whose weaknesses we most often bring to the surface? Telling someone what they do wrong won't change what they do wrong. It will only make their self-esteem plummet. Then, they will act even more insecurely. But showin...

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