The 6 Most Common Enemies of Intimacy

December 7, 2014 5:34 PM

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In the beginning of an intimate relationship, new partners strive to give it all they can. They want to love deeply, give from their hearts, and to be treasured similarly in return. They are very careful to practice those behaviors that keep their lovers close and wanting more. Sadly, as their relationship matures, emerging ways of behaving can too often erode the love they've created. As more time goes by, two people who once felt loved and treasured have become unsafe to each other. And very often, they have not realized how they've gotten that way.

There are six common behaviors that can damage any loving relationship if they are allowed to continue. The struggling partners I work with have often slipped into these destructive patterns without even realizing it. Had they been able to see them earlier, they could have stopped the damage they ha...

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