6 Fitness Trends for 2015 That Have the Experts Buzzing

November 14, 2014 1:27 AM

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Is this the end of wearables or a 2.0-style rebirth? This is a theme that far too many of us can relate to: You buy a new Fitbit, JawBone, FuelBand, etc. and track your sleep and steps religiously for three weeks only to figure out what you average, get bored with charging it and throw it in a drawer. Many find that wearables simply don't offer enough information to keep them interested long-term, and we're still quite a ways from technology that will intuit calories consumed. Should we expect to see a decline in this space, even with the arrival of the iWatch?

Right on the heels of wearables, however, is streaming technology. The streaming class is a welcome alternative to your traditional options: working out alone, working out with a personal trainer or taking a group fitness class. Yoga and barre have been at it for a while but will bigger players step...

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