5 Ways Thinking Like a Ballerina Can Bring Balance to Your Life

January 22, 2015 9:05 PM

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I've been a professional ballet dancer for 15 years, and currently perform as a principal dancer for Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. As a dancer, my body is my instrument, so healthy living goes hand-in-hand with my art form. A few years ago I combined my passions and started a nutrition bar company called Barre. The rigors of my craft and small business require constant balance -- sometimes quite literally -- both on and off stage. Along the way, I've honed strategies that can translate to anyone striving to achieve balance in their lives and create room for personal passion and creativity.

1. Understand that discipline is your friend, not your enemy. Most people know that ballet requires intense discipline. Dancers have a full-blown love affair with the stuff, resulting from years of repetition in ballet class and rehearsal. By focusing on the minutia of each articulation of the body,...

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