5 Ways to Respond (Well) to Your Child's Dyslexia Diagnosis

October 2, 2014 3:20 PM

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5 Ways to Respond (Well) to Your Child's Dyslexia Diagnosis

My daughter was diagnosed as dyslexic at the end of second grade. Since then, I've had countless conversations with other parents processing similar news. They find me through word of mouth, I'm often the first non-family member they've discussed it with, and over and over again I've shared the small but important pieces of wisdom I've picked up in the last three years. My advice has less to do with how to treat the learning disability -- that's for experts -- and more to do with how you, as a parent, can best serve your child. Some of this advice is intuitive, but a surprising amount isn't. In the hopes of helping more parents negotiate their own reactions to a dyslexia diagnosis, here are my top five pieces of advice.

1. Don't panic. Chances are that you and your spouse or parenting partner, if you have one, are freaking out right now. Receiving a dyslexia diagnosis can be a shock, and even if you suspected it, this news is at best an unwelcome confirmation. Also, the official diagnosis usually follows several ye...

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