5 Truths Only Old House Lovers Understand

September 19, 2014 12:52 PM

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5 Truths Only Old House Lovers Understand

I once fell in love with a home -- which in real estate, any emotional involvement just a terrible idea that only ends in sadness -- that went to contract before I even was able to put in a bid. It was a lovely ranch home with pristine vintage details, yet modern-day upgrades (the roof was new, but appropriate to the home, for example). Mentally, I had already decorated and lived in the home for a year.

Yet, months later, when the new tenants moved in, I watched with horror as they proceeded to dismantle the home to a shell, then plop on additions all over the place. By the time they were done, the home took up the entire lot and looked as if Dr. Frankenstein was their architect. It didn't make sen...

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