5 Things You Need to Know When You Become a Special Needs Parent

January 29, 2015 4:28 PM

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5 Things You Need to Know When You Become a Special Needs Parent

When it was clear that Lucy was delayed in both speech and motor skills, our pediatrician referred us to private therapists. Fortunately, our family has good health insurance and we were able to afford the minimal therapy that was recommended at the time. It wasn't until we'd been doing private therapy for awhile that a friend of mine told me about the ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) program through the state of Texas. This intervention program provides assessment and therapy services to any child up to the age of 3, at little or no cost to the family. Every state has a program like this. They can also refer you into special public preschool programs where your child will receive services and accommodation for their special needs. This was absolutely of the most value to me, and despite going to the pediatrician repeatedly for both sick and well-checks, it was never mentioned to us.

If there's no manual for parenting, there definitely is no manual for parenting and special needs. The item above is the perfect example. I'd never have known about ECI if it weren't for another mom. You can learn lots of useful things from other special needs parents -- answers to questions you did...

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